The Zen and Now Clay Co-op is a group of artists and crafts people who make and fire pottery and sculpture in a safe, communal setting.  Our goals are to have a place to work in an environment of camaraderie, consensus, and cooperation and to keep a clean, safe,  well-equipped, and organized workspace.  Although the Zen and Now Clay Co-op is not set up for production potters (defined as someone who makes a living with his or her pottery), the Co-Op Studio is equipped for all of its Members to make work for sale.  

The members at Zen and Now are a diverse group of fun-loving folks who find their Zen in the clay and camaraderie at the  Co-Op. 

Current Board of Directors: Lynn Kricun, Deb Simms, Debbie Lester, Ann Dellinger and Mary Meacham

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Members have access to the studio from 6AM to 12AM, 7 days a week.  Membership has a one year commitment and requires a $300 joining fee and a monthly membership fee of $125.00. These fees offer members a large shelf for storage, 2500 cubic inches of glaze firing (bisque included), and a seat in one class each class session. Classes are available to non-members at $145/session. The class cost covers a bag of clay, firing, and glaze.

If you are interested in membership we just ask that you take a class to decide if you are a good fit.  We also have Meet-Up get togethers, if you just want to meet us and try out working in clay.  If you’d just like to see the studio, call and let us know when you would like to visit.

The Zen and Now Clay Co-Op has ten wheels, storage, workspace, glazes, and two kilns set up for bisque and cone six oxidation firing.